Voice picking technology can significantly improve productivity and accuracy. SMG3 Voice pairs hands-free hardware with powerful software to give you a guided voice solution that's customized to your needs. Because it's completely software and brand agnostic, you can feel confident that you're getting the right warehousing solution for your specific situation.

Used with SMG3's EDGE package, SMG3 Voice gives you a complete and accurate view of your operations in real time. This combination of visibility and agility can have a strong, positive impact on your operations.

Improve your picking processes with SMG3 Voice


Increase in productivity


Picking errors corrected


Order accuracy rates achieved

Increase productivity

SMG3 Voice's hands-free devices give employees more freedom to move through your facility. They don't need to keep track of a hand-held device, or take time to press or swipe through screens. Pickers can gather inventory and check items off using their voice alone.

Reduce costs

Training new employees on handheld devices and software can be time and cost intensive. With SMG3 Voice training is simplified. What's more, hands-free devices are less prone to being lost or dropped than their handheld counterparts, which saves on repair or replacement costs.

Improve accuracy

SMG3 Voice reduces the odds an employee will make an incorrect pick because instead of double checking a screen, the hands-free devices let them stay focused on the task at hand. More accurate picking means more accurate inventory counts and fewer headaches for you.

Increase safety

With SMG3 Voice your warehouse staff is able to work with fewer distractions and a simplified workflow.

The first software-agnostic guided voice solution in the industry

SMG3 is vendor-agnostic, which means we have a great deal of experience across the full spectrum of software solutions. It also means we're free to recommend the right solution for you.

Need help implementing your hands-free mobility strategy?

SMG3 can help deploy, manage, and support your mobile technology.