Strategic Mobility Group, LLC Reflects on Another Fruitful Intern Initiative

Year two of the SMG (Summer Mentoring Growth) program yields auspicious results

Strategic Mobility Group, LLC (SMG3) an industry-leading technology solutions provider, welcomed in a savvy group of burgeoning professionals to kick off the 2018 summer. This is the second year of SMG3’s highly successful internship program, highlighting a key area of internal achievement as the company celebrates its seven-year anniversary.

The focal point of the SMG3 internship experience is to foster and develop fundamental pillars of growth for young employees that will pay dividends down the road when they officially start their careers. This year SMG3 hired three interns including Jayden M. (Sales and Professional Services), Carly D. (Sales and Marketing), and Alyssa A. (Operations).

Nancy Gorski, President and CEO of SMG3, believes in cultivating an avant-garde internship program that prepares prospective employees for future endeavors in a real-world environment.

Gorski states, “We offer a refreshing take on the traditional intern experience. SMG3 interns aren’t running around taking coffee orders or confining themselves to rudimentary tasks. We encourage interns to diversify their learning experiences, and truly immerse themselves into different areas of our company.”

“This allows them to flourish with new and unexpected opportunities, which oftentimes shape the courses and career path they take once returning to school,” continues Gorski.

The educational opportunities for new hires are bolstered by hands-on learning and communications with upper-management, personalized training sessions and weekly consultations with department heads for progress reports and project analysis.

Stacie Lamprecht, Director of Human Resources concluded, “We are always looking to add top-tier talent to the SMG3 family. Our summer interns did a fantastic job acclimating to a new industry and I can’t wait to see them build upon this experience.”

About SMG3
Strategic Mobility Group (SMG3) was founded by Nancy Gorski, Nico Genet, and Eric Holmes as an innovative technology provider that designs and integrates mobile solutions for enterprises. We consult companies on how to operate more efficiently through the use of mobile hardware, software, professional services, and support. It is our job to keep businesses up-to-date on the latest technology and provide them with innovative solutions that will maximize efficiency both inside the four walls and out. One of the best parts is, unlike other mobile technology providers, SMG3 supports our customers with a suite of services: site surveys and evaluations, custom device configurations, staging/kitting, training, technical support, and more. Helping businesses improve operational efficiencies and ROI is why many of the Fortune 500 companies choose SMG3 to manage their enterprise mobility needs. Learn more about us at:

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