Strategic Mobility Group, LLC Hosts Third Annual “Bring Your Child To Work Day”

Young Family Members of SMG3 Employees Get An Exclusive Look Inside The Schaumburg Headquarters

Strategic Mobility Group, LLC (SMG3) hosted its third annual “Bring Your Child To Work Day” on April 20th, 2018. Every year “Bring Your Child To Work Day” focuses on a specific theme aimed at priming the kids for future endeavors and reflecting the lessons they are learning in school and at home. The central theme of 2018 was “Dreams Mean Business”.

Stacie Lamprecht, Human Resources Director, believes that experiences like “Bring Your Child To Work Day” are quintessential building blocks for the development and growth of children.

Lamprecht states, “It’s never too early to inquire about future careers. Our goal for this event is to provide the kids with an opportunity to start exploring different interests and passions in a welcoming environment”.

SMG3 provided the children with exposure to a full business day. Employees in the marketing, professional services, and shipping and receiving departments gave a short briefing as to their roles and responsibilities during an average work week. The kids had individual questionnaires to ask specific questions about various operations or career choices. However, it wasn’t all business, as the day was filled with entertaining activities including the group favorite barcode scanning scavenger hunt, arcade lunch, and outdoor competitions.

Nancy Gorski, President and CEO of SMG3, has participated in “Bring Your Child To Work Day” for the past three years.

“While this event is obviously lighthearted and fun for our employees and their children, we wanted to offer the kids a positive and unique learning experience that cannot be taught in a traditional classroom”, states Gorski.

Gorski concluded with a smile, “Both of my kids are already looking forward to next year’s event, and I cannot wait to see what Stacie comes up with”.

“Bring Your Child To Work Day” began in 2016 at SMG3, with employees encouraged to bring their children and young relatives into the office. It has become a meaningful staple for employees and their families to further integrate the SMG3 mantra “Be The Good” into activities and learning opportunities that extend beyond the constructed office space.

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