Staff member posing

Stacie Lamprecht

Director of Human Resources

Stacie Lamprecht, Director of Human Resources at Strategic Mobility Group (SMG3), with ten years of experience in the Human Resources field, brings industry-leading services and programs that are necessary to attract, develop, and maintain a diverse workforce.

Since joining SMG3 in May of 2014, Stacie not only provides the organization with structure – but also gives SMG3 the ability to meet business objectives through managing its most valuable resources – the employees. Stacie’s six main areas of focus are recruitment and retention; safety; employee relations; compensation and benefits; compliance; and training and development.

While only embarking on her third year at SMG3, Lamprecht has already implemented countless perks and processes for the company such as an onboarding procedure, SMG3 Stars, and unlimited PTO (Paid Time Off). Sharing the vision of SMG3’s founders Nancy Gorski, Nico Genet, and Eric Holmes. Lamprecht has managed to make SMG3 an employee-based company.

Most recently, Lamprecht unveiled “The No-Complaining Rule,” which aims to defeat negativity to encourage a more positive workplace. Her biggest goal for 2016-2017 is to keep focusing on building the amazing company culture that SMG3 already has.